Realization Statement

Detoxing is a process by which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic and unhealthy substances (energy). Detoxing is not to be treated as a fad, but rather an introduction into a lifestyle change. However, it has been my finding that many do not stick to detoxing long enough to forge the birthing of true change. I love how Nipsey Hussle drilled Marathon into the ideal of growth to remind us that nothing is over night. Your health is a JOURNEY!! Many fail at truly reaching their goals, due to lack of planning. We do not properly plan due to lack of fitting knowledge.

 It is imperative to understand that Detoxing is not just physical, it starts within. Granted, there are many things in our psyche that hinders us from truly healing, because we are so focused on the surface. Detoxing is all about diving deep and uprooting the foundation of bad habits. It will always end in train wreck or wasted time when you continue to scratch the surface. If this is you, a surface scratcher, ask yourself why?

 Why is a word that has so many uses within our organization, your why can lead you to what you need to do to reach new heights. You must constantly revisit your why, your why is what will keep you going! Here at Eat the Fruit we provide food for all to succeed, all you have to do is commit. In order for you to elevate you need Education on what you are doing so you better understand yourself. We must get to know thy self to forge true change. Let us help you forge that change.