33˚ Worm Purge Pills

33˚ Worm Purge Pills

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Worm Purge Pills is a compound created specifically to target various types of parasites (worms) we acquire within our bodies from food and everyday activities.  The 33˚ Worm Purge Pills assist in the regulation of the Adrenal Glands while jump starting the lymphatic system. The compound is Infused with copper and sound therapy.


Clove, Cascara, Black Walnut Hull, Ginger, Milk Thistle, Valerian, Bitter Melon, Papaya Seed, Kelp, Slippery Elm

Size: 60 capsules 

*Take 2-4 capsules daily in one sitting follow by 16 oz of water. Wait up to 30 minutes before consuming food (preferably fruit).